How Did We Stand the Continuous Darkness?

We spent four years (2004-2008) in Fairbanks, Alaska, at nearly 65 degrees north latitude. This time of year, people often ask, “How did you stand the continuous darkness?” I patiently try to explain that because Fairbanks is south of the Arctic Circle, even on the winter solstice, the sun still rises, albeit just 1.5 degrees above the horizon at solar noon.

Now I can refer them to a University of Alaska Fairbanks (where I served four years as Chancellor) time lapse video of the 2017solstice 24-hour sun cycle:…/webcam-timelapse/2017_12_21-TLaps.gif

Note the central Alaska Range some 70 miles due south. We found deep winter in central interior Alaska spell-binding, with beauty, magic, wonder, and awe around every corner.

We’ve made 13 interstate moves over our 45 years together. We decided long ago to bloom where we’re planted. And, that has made all the difference. My hope is that you are doing same.