Nature-Inspired Living and Learning;
Harnessing Nature’s Wisdom

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Steve Jones (Great Blue Heron) recognizes and communicates the power and wisdom of Nature, and the lessons any of us can draw from Nature for Life and Living. I focus on stories of passion for place and everyday Nature. I find inspiration in Nature’s beauty, magic, wonder, and awe, whether in places of national significance… or in our own backyards.

I employ Nature’s themes to inspire and motivate audiences and readers. While tapping my own experiences and knowledge as a doctoral-level applied ecologist and lifelong Nature enthusiast, I weave natural systems education into all that I write and present. I encourage our individual obligation to understand, appreciate, and steward this Earth and her natural systems that sustain us.

I tap my deep leadership grounding (CEO of four US universities and governing board chair of The University of the Arctic) to apply Nature’s wisdom and power to life and living. I am available for local, national, and international:

  • Speaking engagements (keynotes; plenary addresses; annual meetings; workshops; others)
  • Writing

I modify and target my approach, themes, and recommendations to match the audience or circumstance. I am adaptable, malleable, and flexible. All that I do is purpose-driven and passion-fueled.

I (Great Blue Heron) will steer you toward applying inspiration and humility (Nature provides both in full measure) to you, your enterprise, or your organization. I emphasize employing high purpose, full passion, and an intimate connection to Nature.

“Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein