Steve Jones’s (Great Blue Heron) product is focused and individualized (by client) speaking engagements and writing.  My message is sharing and applying Nature’s wisdom and inspiration in service to you, your organization, and your life. I apply unique knowledge and experience to you through:

  • Speaking Engagements (keynote addresses; annual meetings; plenary sessions; workshops; others)
    • Applying Nature-Inspired Living
    • Learning to discover and appreciate Nature’s beauty, magic, wonder, and awe where we live, work, and play
    • Enriching our lives through Nature
    • Exploring Nature based leadership
    • Harnessing Nature’s wisdom and power in service to life, living, and organizations
    • Understanding and embracing an Earth ethic
    • Exploring the spiritual dimensions of Nature’s wisdom and inspiration
    • Telling stories of passion for place and everyday Nature
  • Developing Forestland Legacy Stories — memorialize the stories that extend the land’s history, lessons, and metaphorical value to future generations.
  • Writing Books
    • Nature-Based Leadership: Lessons for Living, Learning, Serving, and Leading (2016)
    • Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading: Revealing and Applying Nature’s Wisdom (2017)
    • Weaned Seals and Snowy Summits: Stories of Passion for Place and Everyday Nature (2019)
    • Natural Elixir: Lifting Your Life through Nature’s Inspiration (In Review)

Appreciating and Valuing Nature

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”

— Henry David Thoreau