Celebrating Nature’s Symbols

Yeah, I know, it’s perhaps a real stretch to see our Fairmont State University Flying F logo in this morning’s dawn. Yet I really liked the image painted in the eastern sky above the Falcon Center. Judy and I had just finished our morning walk. Dawn had just begun brightening the east when we started. Thirty minutes later, the sky-image showed full color.

Nature conceals much from those unwilling to seek. While I do not believe that some higher power was sending us a message, I do delight that we happened to be positioned on our hilltop at those precise few minutes when conditions aligned to portray FSU’s logo. A message? None… except that unless we look, we do not see. We saw, and felt some level of connectivity to this place I have called my home away from home for five months.

I’ll take back into semi-retirement dawn’s Flying F. Once again, Nature has furnished symbolism and inspiration for something that has made a difference in my life… this FSU Interim Presidency!