Nature’s Veterans Day Inspiration

Today is Veterans Day — here are two photos fifteen minutes apart as dawn deepened, viewed from my Fairmont State University President’s residence. Gazing east toward my Cumberland, MD home (65 miles or so from this perch) I thought of WWII veterans Jack E. Jones and Elmer E. Cessna, my Dad and Judy’s. My hat’s off to them — we thank them… and miss them dearly.

I snapped this first shot when morning’s glow had not yet brought definition to the Falcon Center, yet the eastern sky already promised a great November day. For the first night this season, the temperature had dropped below freezing at dusk yesterday and reached the upper teens by dawn this morning. Finally, fall has kicked summer conditions into the past. Yesterday morning a few flurries hinted at what is to come.

I took this photo 15 minutes later. As do all things, the morning had shifted and evolved. Enough in this case to pass for a another morning.

Nature’s palette is rich with pattern, tone, hue, and process. Nature inspires (and teaches humility) with each and every sunrise. Dad and Elmer stood there with me — I felt their presence as tears moistened my face. Nature often brings me to tears. I viewed the dawn through all five portals — body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

Once more, I remind all that had I not ventured forth to Look, I would not have Seen. Had I not taken the time and made the effort to See deeply, I would not have Felt the passion, purpose, and inspiration in the moment. Had I not Felt, I would not have Acted to bring Elmer and Dad into my morning.

Great Blue Heron can and will help you see your life and enterprise through Nature’s lens.