Steve’s Foolish Weather Dare

The Write Launch recently posted an essay chronicling a rather daring bike ride from my Ohio days:

The lessons I learned apply to much of living, learning, serving, and leading.

My concluding remarks from the essay:

“A towering thunderstorm reminds me that I am of little consequence. And that same storm instructs me that I have an obligation to extend nature’s lessons and inspiration to others. Spreading the gospel of Earth Stewardship is the small price I must pay for enjoying the magic and wonder of this world that sustains us from conception to death. I pledge to devote my remaining days to Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading. To Applying Nature’s Wisdom to Life and Work. So much of nature’s wonder can be condensed in 30-minute lessons.

All we need do is get off the porch. Mount your steed. Test your limits. Challenge yourself. Pursue inspiration. Embrace humility. Make a difference. Live. Learn. Serve. Lead.”


Featured Image: A storm across Big Blue Lake… not the Ohio biking storm that I raced.