The Cycle Completes a Turn

I’m just a week out from my departure from north-central West Virginia and Fairmont State University, returning to north Alabama. I’ve experienced a seasonal cycle from early summer to now near the winter solstice:









I’ve also progressed from anticipating the start of the fall semester to soon closing the campus for Holiday break:




Life, living, learning, and leading distill to seasons. Childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, kids, career, grand-kids, retirement, slowing down. Sunrise to  sunset. Summer to winter; start to finish. I’ve relished this FSU journey of discovery.

I’ll be reflecting more as I settle back into semi-retirement. I’m excited to sip morning coffee and evening adult beverages once again from our patio on Big Blue Lake. To breathe a little more deeply once more after the intensity of this Interim Presidency. These few months may rank among the most fulfilling and satisfying of my career. Again, allow me some time to reflect… and write more about the meaning and significance from my time in Almost Heaven.