Book Signing: Nature Based Leadership

I’m pleased that our local library, the Madison Branch of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library (, will be hosting me for a book signing March 26, 2-3:00 PM. This will be my first book signing. I’ll speak for 15-20 minutes, allowing plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Book Description

Nature Based Leadership inspires, illuminates, and entertains those who are willing to learn from Nature. A collection of personal reflections from a natural resources scientist, university president, philosopher, leadership scholar, Nature enthusiast, and Earth citizen, this book evokes deep emotions and stimulates the reader to contemplate our essential relationship with this planet we call home. My writing walks a fine line between prose and lyricism. Some of these essays instruct of Nature’s pleasurable terror via my own experiences. Other essays do so through my tales of the power of Nature’s beauty, awe, wonder, and majesty. All of the essays draw indelible lessons from or inspired by Nature. The lessons spur the reader to look, to see, to feel, and to act for the good of the individual, the enterprise, and our one Earth. These essays will leave you hungry for more of Nature’s wisdom and inspiration.

Intended Audience

Nature Based Leadership is not in any way a traditional leadership manual. Instead, the book draws from Nature’s ways. Those who will find interest in Nature Based Leadership include:

  • Students of leadership — current leaders and those who aspire to be leaders.
  • Nature enthusiasts relishing interactions with the natural world.
  • People wanting to learn more from Nature.
  • Earth citizens who appreciate the obligation that each of us (individuals and human enterprises) has to responsibly steward this Earth that sustains us.
  • People like me who draw sspecial satisfaction from the spins, perturbations, and magic of weather’s ways.