3 Essential Steps

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Great Blue Heron: Three Essential Steps Toward Enterprise DREAM Fulfillment

Step One – Viewing your enterprise as an organism within an ecosystem:

  • Understand your environment, including elements of potential and limits
  • Location
  • Assets
  • Fiscal and Physical Resources
  • People – available workforce talent
  • Markets
  • Know and assess both competition and mutually independent entities (e.g., your place in the food chain)
  • Identify your niche, and exploit it

Step Two – Learning to Look, See, Feel, and Act:

  • Look – Nature teaches that true awareness of our operating environment is essential to enterprise survival and success. Are you among those who are blind to the world around you? Are you slave to electronic devices and the continuous flow of content (drivel) whose immediacy masquerades as urgent and important? I will open your eyes if you are willing to jettison the comfort of your blindness.
  • See – Seeing is more than a superficial glance and acknowledgment. Essential Seeing peels away the layers of debris and extraneous matter. Seeing requires a deep examination, appreciation, understanding, and assessment. Unless you LOOK and SEE, your enterprise risks never truly knowing its place in its operating environment.
  • Feel – Great Blue Heron recognizes that Looking and Seeing are necessary for your success, but not sufficient. Unless you see deeply enough to stir empathy, prompt emotion, and generate sentiment and stimulation, then chances are that nothing will happen to alter your enterprise trajectory. Nature instructs that we FEEL deeply enough to motivate movement. Great Blue Heron will show you how feeling comes naturally when we seek it. Enterprises perform best when they are purpose- driven, passion-fueled, and results- oriented.
  • Act – Deep Feeling inspires Action. Great Blue Heron propels and enables you to ACT with purpose, passion, and a fierce determination. You will learn to adopt a results-oriented philosophy, a relentless compulsion to make the most of your personal and professional ecosystem. You will act on behalf of your enterprise and the larger ecosystem in which you operate.

Step Three – Establish a Vision. Great Blue Heron implores that every client needs a vision, an aspiration, a future desired condition at a point certain in time. We’ll help you imagine and design Your Mighty Oak DREAM.

Why the Mighty Oak? The oak tree, which is the national tree of many countries, primarily symbolizes strength, longevity, perseverance, beauty, and bounty. Most would agree that The Mighty Oak is emblematic of success and stability. It is massive, stationary, and long-lived. The oak tree, the oak enterprise, seeks to flourish, to reproduce, to provide for future generations. The enterprise seeks to be The Mighty Oak. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow observed that the purpose of a tree is to grow a little new wood each year. And so it is with the oak. As it is with your enterprise.

Using the oak as model, Great Blue Heron will guide you in imagining, defining, and achieving Your Mighty Oak DREAM. The oak teaches many lessons. We’ll share them with you, and apply them to your enterprise.

Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading; Applying Nature’s Wisdom to Enterprise Success

“Let them once get in touch with Nature, and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight through life . . .”

— Charlotte Mason

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